A Letter to 8th Grade Jamie

A Letter to 8th Grade Jamie

This is my letter to my 8th grade self. I am trying to give myself advice to help myself succeed so here is my advice.

  1. Study for twice as long as in 7th grade
  2. Actually try your best in tests.
  3. Know the schedule completely inside out
  4. Don’t forget your books EVER!
  5. Keep your locker organized so you don’t lose anything
  6. Do your homework EVERY night.
  7. Do your homework before you do anything else
  8. Don’t procrastinate or space out
  9. Get all projects in on time
  10. Listen to all the instructions the teacher gives you
  11. Be  a leader to the kids younger than you
  12. Don’t be lazy
  13. In test put down EVERYTHING you know
  14. Be organized at home with your homework
  15. Write neatly so the teacher can read it
  16. Don’t fake being sick
  17. School comes first
  18. Be focused at school
  19. Read your book every night and re-read what you don’t understand
  20. Just do your best! J


P.S. being a teacher’s pet doesn’t hurt


To Eighth Grade Belle

Dear eighth grade Belle,

Here is ten things you should know what to do in eighth grade:

1. Study

2. Pass tests.

3. Don’t rage at Jamie.

4. Be organized.

5. Get work in on time.

6. Homework before anything.

7. Listen more and don’t space out.

8. Be more productive.

9. Work harder.

10. Don’t be lazy.


The Dangers of Living in a Virtual World By: Jamie

In modern days some people can get a little obsessed with games. I was shown a video today in computers class and it was about a person whose career literally selling clothes on this game that’s called second life this video is called second life documentary. It was really interesting because she didn’t work in the real world just in this virtual game. I don’t see how she could just be alone at home doing nothing but sitting at her computer and meeting these people (who in my opinion are probably just losers without a life so they turn to the computer world because they can be what they want). i shouldn’t be saying these things but they are my opinion and it is your right to disagree with me so go right ahead. She did earn money though by just designing clothes on this game and selling them in a popular shop called something like Pixel Dolls (not sure but oh well) but if I think about it she must not have any friends that she didn’t meet on the internet and she will never meet anyone who she knows personally. This game looked like it could be fun but the type I would play so that’s all I got to say.

What Might Happen If You Live Online By: Belle

There are dangers of  living online. If you do spend your time on the computer more then normal should your life will turn out bad. By bad I mean that you wouldn’t have any friends, have no real fun, and other things. Up sides to spending life online is you can meet new people (as long as you know they arent stalkers or creepers). Also online you could make money like on Second Life or as I know and do watch videos of people that play games and post them on YouTube and people subscribe and watch them and that youtuber can get money from youtube or what ever company they work for like on example is Machinama. I can name atleast twenty or more youtubers that get money form playing games instead of a job like being a lawyer or police man. From doing that you can get a lot of money depending on how many videos you do and how many people watch. Living online can ruin your life so you shouldnt spend all your life on it. I can take me for example, I play on the computer ALL the time. Thats mostly what I do on the weekends. But I dont ignore my friends and family. I make sure I dont ruin my life by doing that and neither should you.

This school year, this summer, and next year…. By: Belle

This school year I had many fun memories. We went on a few fun field trips, did a lot of fun activities, and I now have fun stories to tell. During the 7th grade year I went on many vacations places like, San Diego, Los Angeles, Grand Cayman, Texas, and Florida. I had so much fun going those places. Usually every weekend I go to San Jose to hangout  with my family and friends. In summer I don’t exactly know what I am going to do. My family is still deciding on whether we should go to Egypt or go on a safari in Africa. In June I will be going to Mexico. I am not sure what part but I am going for a families friend’s anniversary. It will be a lot of fun and so will the safari or Egypt vacation. When I go to Mexico I will be going with my dad, brother, some friends, and the couple the vacation it is for. I cant wait to go.

In 7th grade, when we were learning, I mostly learned new things. In Core Ms. Novak we learned a little about Rome, Africa, Asia, China, Japan, and now we are learning about Medieval Europe. With Ms. Costere we learned a lot more in math using algebra. I learned a lot more words in Spanish. I like art the most during the school year because I like to do art. In computer class I am glad I learned more things to do with computers because this summer I will be using it a lot. I’m so glad that it will be summer because I will have more free time to do fun things and go more places with friends and family. This year was so much fun hanging out with friends. With my friend Jamie i had the most fun with her because we always go to 7 Eleven and West Lake Park and do new things each time. I remember all the way back to January this year I turned thirteen. For my birthday me and some of my friends went to the movies downtown to see Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. It was a really good movie. My friends that went were: Lizzie, Jamie, Sam, Oli, Matthew, and Nicolas. I cant wait for this summer because then I am out of school and done working by brain so hard during math, science, core, and spanish. This summer will be so awesome. (I hope) 😛

New Assignment By: Jamie

This summer I look forward to hanging out with my friends, going to the boardwalk and just relaxing. This year was tiring and I want to just be done with year. I want to be able to sleep in and get up whenever I want. I think that this year was more of a challenge than last year but I know that next year will be even more so. All this year I was wishing it would go faster and it did the year is almost over and I think that next year (my 8th grade year) will go even faster. I don’t really want next year to go quickly because I know most of my friends will be going to different high schools than me. So I want this school so go slowing so I can spend next year hanging out with my friends and I will go the same this summer.  I am praying that this summer is hot or at least warm so I can go down to the beach and the beach boardwalk and just lay out in the sun. me and my friends didn’t have a lot of leeway to hang out on the weekends with homework and tests so I didn’t get to see them too much or at least didn’t get to see my friends that didn’t go this school anymore. I don’t know if I will get to see those friends (who don’t go my school anymore) at all next year. I know I will have more projects and essays in the eighth grade and glad I don’t have to get to know more teachers because all the other grades have different teachers but the seventh and eighth grade have the same teachers although]h one of the most fantastic teachers are leaving and I am kind of upset about that because she has been here around 27 years or so and taught my oldest brother who happens to be twenty-four so …… a long time. I am running out of things to say so I am going to tell you why I said that and why I am even writing things on this blog and why I am writing this. This is a school assignment for computers and in this writing assignment I have to write about something this year that can’t go farther back than last summer but can be about what we hope for this summer. I have 400 words so I am done. 🙂

Colored Nail Polish: should it be allowed??? . . .Yesssss By: Jamie

I am writing this post explaining my feeling that colored nail polish should be allowed at our school. Since now our school only allowed peach, and light pink colored nail polish. In school if we wear the wrong color to school we have to go down to the office and take it off. If we do it enough and our teachers get pissed we get detention. And have to give our lunch time up and sit in a quiet room supervised by by god knows who and sit bored for 45 minutes when the rest of the school is yelling and running, we are forced be sit in solitary silence.

Here are my arguments.  First of all it doesn’t cause any competition like our principle may think because we would complement eachother about the pretty colors and if they wear an ugly color that’s their problem we WONT make fun of them. second, i think that it gives us something to talk about. like how long it took and how hard it was to make the fun designs and share tips and hints. And third, it gives us a bit more freedom at a school wear we have uniforms and no make up and worst of all we cant have colored socks or shirts with logos on them.

To conclude  will share a personal experience with you. One day i came to school and was wearing a pink nail polish (not even hot pink) and i was having trouble with the math we were working on   so i came up to the line waiting to work with my teacher and when i came up holding up my notebook, which showed my finger nails, and started asking a question but my teacher interrupted and told me that she wasn’t going to help me with the math until I took all the nail polish off and they she didn’t care if i had to go to the office. I felt embarrassed and humiliated  in front of the class. Also once i got down there i had to ask in the office in front of my principle ( who if she was my teacher she would give me a detention in a second) for the nail polish remover and she looked at me with a disappointed look.